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Pepin Yacht Club (PYC) is a non-profit organization geared to promoting social community, education, and safety pertaining to seamanship and water recreation for sailboats, and boats of all kinds. Pepin Yacht Club was incorporated in 1980 and has grown in membership.

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Annual Membership dues: $330 

Payment may be made via Zelle or by check.

Make check payable to Pepin Yacht Club
Attn. Sally Anderson
402 Valley Commons
Hudson, WI 54016

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Joining the Pepin Yacht Club can certainly enlarge one’s boating world!! I know it did for my husband and me. You gain friends, knowledge, and opportunities for sporting, our social activities, anchoring out with other members, day trips out, relaxing by the fire pit and watching the sunsets at Pepin Yacht Club on the beautiful waters of Lake Pepin! Whether you are bird watcher or not, the beautiful bluffs are great for watching eagles, great white pelicans, swans, and all types of migratory ducks. All the Yacht Club activities widen and enrich one’s lives. Sailing, motor boating, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding or just relaxing at the Yacht Club takes one away from busy lives!! Much more fun to do this as a Yacht Club group!!! Often group dinners, swapping tales with congenial people add a new dimension to one’s boating know-how. Become a member… reciprocity as a member of our yacht club can give you privileges to other yacht clubs!!! Join us in membership … on the waters of The Mississippi.
– Carole Bloom

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Meet Our Board Members


Mike Belzer


Andrea Smith


Peter Gutierrez


Sally Anderson

Membership Chairs

Brett and Sheila Waldman

Social Chair



Racing Chairs


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